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TOBEE, for smart hives

Our solution will make your hives smarter and your work easier.

The hardware extract data from the hives and their surrounding environment by multiple sensors' data and then send it to the cloud without harming the bees in order to be analyzed and then visualized by our mobile application.

With our solution, you don't have to open the hive to check the condition of the bee family, intelligent Hives provide constant access to temperature, humidity, weight, and frequency measurements from anywhere in the world!


TOBEE Device

TOBEE DEVICE is a technologically advanced device for remote hive monitoring. It measures temperature internally and externally, weight, humidity, sound frequency, location, and much more.

The device is waterproof and connects with our cloud periodically to send data and instantly alert the owner about any displacement of the hives.




Internal & external temperature


Deep analysis of the sent measurements from the hive


Humidity detection


Vandalism detection for hive violation


Sound frequency detection


Remote access via mobile app or SMSing


All day scale for hive's weight


Easy to install device inside and outside the hive



TOBEE APP is our mobile application where you can monitor your apiaries and hives and detect diseases, and swarms, perform hive inspections, plan tasks and keep notes of bee colonies.

Our application will automatically turn on SMSing once it's not connected to the internet in order to allow you to have 24/7 monitoring of your bees.

Some of our App features

You have a main dashboard to access all features


You get



You have an overview of all of your devices

You can locate your apiaries in a real time way

You can save data digitally from hive inspections

Apiary state.png

You can check

every hive

situation and data

You have a support service to answer your requests

Satisfaction guaranteed

Our solution was inspired by our own experience of beekeeping and we decided to make that experience enjoying and profitable.

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